Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

1) The purpose and need for T’s & C’s is to minimise any issues between the ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Swanton Morley Festival’


2) The sponsorship length is from the date of this signed agreement and the 31st July 2019 whereby any use of advertising on both parties should cease.


3) By signing this agreement, the sponsor agrees to pay the required amount as defined by the chosen package and will receive the package-related benefits as outlined on the Swanton Morley Festival website.


4) By reading (and confirmation of reading) this agreement, the sponsor agrees to allow Swanton Morley Festival to reference the

arrangement for publicity on the event website and social media



5) As part of all packages, sponsors will be given a digital badge of support which can be used to promote that company’s association with the Festival. This may not be given to any other associations or companies for their own use unless they too are sponsors.


6) Any companies that associate themselves with Swanton Morley Festival by way of sponsorship must act within the law, trade legitimately and do nothing that would discredit themselves or Swanton Morley Festival.


7) By signing this agreement Sponsors agree to let Swanton Morley Festival Committee use their company logo/ident at the event itself on the run up to and including the Festival period from 15th July – 27th July 2019 and any related events, on social media, Festival publications, event website and any other relevant promotional material or outlets (to include TV and radio). The logos/idents will be used responsibly and only in connection with promotion of the event and the sponsors business.


8) The sponsor shall agree that unless there are apparent exceptional circumstances, any promotional photography of the event that may include the sponsor will be used to promote any forthcoming events under the auspices of the Swanton Morley Festival.


9) In the event of the Festival being cancelled, proportionate sponsor refunds will be considered for all packages which will be dependent on

the reason for cancellation, the time of any cancellation and the potential

benefit already gained by the sponsor.


10) The Sponsor shall supply at its cost finished artwork relating to its name, logos and other identification.


11) If the sponsor rebrands/changes logo between the date of this signed contract and the Festival, all costs to accommodate this must be met by the Sponsor.


12) Swanton Morley Festival shall to the best of its abilities stage the

event in accordance with the event format as outlined in the event

literature, social media and website.


13) Either party may terminate this Agreement forthwith in writing to the other party if: A party enters into liquidation or dissolution otherwise than for the purpose of an amalgamation or reconstruction, save in circumstances approved by the other party; party ceases to carry on business, has a receiver or administrator appointed over all or any part of its assets or undertakings, enters into any compromise or arrangement with its creditors or takes or suffers any similar action in consequence of a debt or other liability.


14) If the Sponsor terminates the contract costs may be incurred by the

Sponsor via invoice to cover any reproduction of event advertising



15) Any notice given under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be sent to the party to be served as above written or such other address of which notice has been previously given to the other in accordance with this clause. All notices shall be delivered by hand or by first class letter. All notices shall be deemed to have been received if delivered by hand on the date of delivery or if posted on the expiration of 48 hours after posting at the last known place of business.


16) Data Protection: the Sponsors details shall not be passed on, sold or

shared with any other businesses/organisations/charities/persons/third



17) Swanton Morley Festival agrees to have sufficient insurance cover for the event.


18) This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior agreements and arrangements (whether written or oral) in relation to such subject matter between the parties.